• Dr Julia Hodgson (@drjuliaparents)

I am proud i showed up

originally posted dec 10 2020

I tried something new. I spent my workout today giving myself compassion and compliments.

You showed up today, that's awesome! You're sticking with this! You kept moving for the whole 30 second set!

I allowed myself to be imperfect and physically struggle and take options that made more sense for where my body was today.

Allowing all of that had an incredible impact. It took away the emotional struggle of the exercising.

I actually found myself smiling.

This is SO not what I expected- exercise is not something I innately enjoy, to say the least. But today, today I felt the power of my own words. What an incredible difference.

So today, no matter what happens, be proud that you showed up.

(PS, and so many thanks to my SIL @Katie and her #12daysoffitmas#DecemberDonation challenge for

Covenant Preparatory School




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