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Self Talk for moms

originally posted dec 24 2020 on social media

Some days, it’s really hard to chase away those thoughts that we aren’t good enough. They scream during exercise, during tough parenting moments. But they’re thoughts, not facts. It’s hard to keep that in mind in the moment, but it’s so important.

I like to use a technique we #psychnerds call “self talk.” It means saying things to yourself. Fancy, I know. Simple, yet really powerful.

Instead of “I am failing to do all 20 reps”, try “I accomplished 10 reps!”

Instead of “I am a bad mom because I didn’t get my toddler to eat veggies”, try “i am doing my best; we will try again tomorrow or even “toddlers are tough!”

See what I’m doing? I am countering those nasty mean thoughts with more positive statements. And repeating it, over and over.

Sometimes it’s a getting through the moment more than anything long term, but the more you say those things to yourself, the easier it is to remember them when those nasty (inaccurate) thoughts pop up. And MAYBE you’ll even start to believe thing!

You’re doing great folks. I hope you see that.

Love, @drjuliaparents

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